Our History

In the 1970’s two traditional woodworking companies merged to form VHB ‘Vereinigte Holzbaubetriebe’ – literally translated ‘United Wood Construction Companies’.
Today we are offering a wide range of products and services, providing unique solutions for high specification interiors and facade construction.
The heart of the company is the ability to offer consultancy, engineering, production and installation from one location.
With 140 permanent staff, including 30 engineers and technicians, 11 master craftspeople and 65 skilled workers we have completed public and private projects ranging from museums, universities, hospitals, banks, airports, to school gymnasiums and conference centres.
The success of our working methods can be seen in such high profile projects like the Reichstag by Sir Norman Foster, the DZ-Bank by Frank O. Gehry or the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.
For the future we plan to keep our successfull approach of working with and for our clients in developing and producing new ideas.

Our Sales volume

2020: ~26,0 Millionen Euro
2019: ~28,5 Millionen Euro
2018: ~22,7 Millionen Euro

Our services

  • detailed design and planning for wood and related materials (stainless steel, glass, security components)
  • project management in our engineering department
  • production and prefabrication in our own prodcution facilities equipped with state of the art machinery
  • installation and coordination on site all over the world

Our product range

  • high-end interiors customized for our clients
  • mullion-transom facades using combinations of wood, aluminium, steel and glass as external walls for school buildings, sport facilities, administration buildings and leisure centres
  • special doors and windows with certificated bulletproof and burglar resistant functionality
  • shock-absorbing wall cladding systems for gymnasiums

Our factorys in Germany

  • Production Facades
    Grüntenstraße 5
    D-87789 Woringen
    ca. 2.500 m² overbuild hall area
    Link to the location
  • Production Interiors
    Zeissweg 6
    D-87700 Memmingen
    ca. 1.800 m² overbuild hall area
    Link to the location

Technical equipment

  • modern conventional, NC and CNC-controlled machinery in a contemporary production workshop
  • vehicle fleet consisting of a trailer truck with 2 semi-trailers, 1 arcticulated truck, 1 mini articulated truck, overall 22 vans and company cars
  • 30 CAD workstations for work planning and work preparation